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Jerry Abbott
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Jerry Abbott
Default A response to the Marxist bullshit of Priyamvada Gopal

If cultural appropriation is a bad thing, then all non-whites should stop using technology. Anything that needs electricity to run, Africans should never use, since whites invented the methods of generating and consuming electric power. Electricity is an often unacknowledged part of white culture, as are most chemical methods for operating machinery.

We did such things first, BEFORE anybody knew that they could be done. The other races either acquired advanced technology by direct transfer from white people, or else, if they were capable of it, they had before them the example of white invention, and they tinkered around until they'd created an imitation.

An Indian woman (dot-head, not woo-woo) named Priyamvada Gopal teaches English at the University of Cambridge in England. According to Wikipedia, her main teaching and research interests are in colonial and postcolonial literature and theory, gender and feminism, Marxism and critical race studies," the latter of which should tell you that she is a well-practiced liar and a professional dispenser of pseudo-intellectual leftist bullshit.

Gopal has ventilated her opinion, in regard to the Western colonialism of the early 20th century, that colonialism fosters a dangerous mythology in which the whites doing the colonizing always see themselves as the givers and as the teachers, while viewing the Africans as the takers and as the taught. She doesn't appreciate the irony in that she says this while working in England (not India) and while speaking English (not Hindi).

Furthermore, what she is calling a myth is actually the truth. Africans were, and still are, mostly the takers and whites were mostly the givers, regardless of which country we're speaking of and regardless of which is the race of the colonizers. After all, in which direction does foreign aid always flow? In which direction does mass immigration go?

In the 1970s, South African whites saw most of their taxes gone to supply the blacks of their country with benefits with which they could not have supplied themselves. Blacks in America receive welfare benefits at a per capita rate that is five times higher than the rate at which whites do, while whites pay the taxes that subsidize the welfare programs.

Who the givers are, and who the takers are, turns on race. It does not turn on geography or on the ambient politics of colonization. The race that is the more capable supplies the benefits, and the race that is less capable takes the benefits. The race that knows more teaches the race that knows less, at least to the extent that the latter is able and willing to learn.

That isn't myth. That's how things really are. The only myth is the manner in which Marxists like Gopal are treating that reality.
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Jerry, a man of your ability should be more popular and wider-read than you are, you know? I've seen your blog posts online. Astronomy, etc.

Feel free to link to your blog page, here, if you want to.



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