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Woodpecker Why Leftists Are So Dangerous

Not only are leftist ideas dangerous, but the leftists themselves are dangerous due to their freaky habit of infiltrating certain vocations in large numbers (journalism, writing and politics). Leftists feel (keyword: feel) a burning need to lecture and indoctrinate other people, hence the reason they infiltrate those vocations. When Civil War II/The day of the rope/The Boogaloo arrives circa 2040, leftists must be treated just like Jews, since they are nearly as dangerous as Jews. A leftist is more-or-less “a gentile with a Jewish brain.” (It’s no accident that Jews pioneered leftism in the West; every major leftist group was founded was Jews, and both socialism and communism were founded by Jews [i.e., Karl Marx, Moses Hess, Ferdinand Lassalle, Eduard Bernstein]). The next Hitler (whoever he may be), if he is wise, will wipe out every single leftist on the planet after he wipes out the self-chosen.


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