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Old October 19th, 2020 #1
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Woodpecker Yes, Donald Trump Will Win the November Election by a Historic Landslide

Forget “the polls” that show Joe Biden ahead of Donald Trump by “94 points” (or whatever). Biden and Kamala Harris are both amazingly unpopular. When Biden held a rally in Arizona recently, nobody showed up. Nobody. The media was mystified. “Where is everybody?” said the media idiots. Yet, go to a Trump rally and there are 15,000 happy people there. And they are shouting “we love you” to Trump. That’s a first. Even Reagan didn’t get that much love and he was very popular (you gotta give Reagan credit on one count: he called the Soviet Union “the evil empire” when nobody else did or would; he also told Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!”).

Will Trump save America? No. But he’ll buy us four more years until Brown Man/Socialist Man begins his march to power (the current immigration rates make this a certainty; by 2040 Brown Man/Socialist Man will virtually own America. Think about that, White man, and act accordingly, before it’s too late).

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