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Old December 5th, 2020 #1
Gerry Fable
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Gerry Fable
Default Knees Up Mother Brown

Gary Lineker leads footballers condemning Millwall fans for BOOING their own players as they took the knee in support of anti-racism movement at The Den

But the BLM movement and slogan imho is divisive. It ultimately promotes division not equality and to proove my point what the fuck was this Derby Co player doing with a black power salute below. Jesus if thats not divisive, unequal and ultimately racist i dunno what is?
I don't have a problem with spectators booing, because I know that they're booing the act of the players actively putting on a display of supporting an openly racist organisation, who have shown exactly how they think of British society by the destruction of monuments to our fallen war heroes.
My take is that the players took the knee (spineless pricks) the fans went boooo. And then the media went into meltdown.
I was there and the message was loud & clear ...not just by a few but the majority inside.....blm is a political movement waS not racist's was anti blm......burning and degrading war memorials & union Jack that right.....let's hope it happens again on Tuesday ....have a anti racism in football banner not the blm kneeing crap
his lot pulling down our statues and trying to erase our history purley. it’s wrong so wrong, in fact it disgusts me. On top of that they were against the old bill who shot that floyd bloke with a criminal record as long as your arm.
Thats what needs to happen. The old bill are cunts aswell. Fuck BLM & fuck old bill.
So, when did booing become a crime in this country?

Fuck the BBC, Sky, BLM - we knew around this time last night this would end badly after that BS Statement from the Club.

Someone on BBC said it was a only a minority ............. of 1,973 :

Here's to the another protest before the QPR game!

I know Knees up mother Brown is West Ham.
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Old December 5th, 2020 #2
Paul Morris
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Paul Morris

Doesnt Millwall have a lot of Nationalist supporters?


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