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Jim Harting
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Jim Harting
Default NSM Marches in Phoenix; Commander Burt Colucci Arrested Two Days Later in Unrelated Matter

The National Socialist Movement held its national convention in Phoenix, Arizona, on the weekend of April 17-18.

On Saturday, April 17, a public march was held in connection with the convention, which was otherwise private. Photographs and videos show approximately 18 people taking part, with 15 or so wearing the black NSM uniform and the others in Aryan Nations blue uniform or civilian dress.

There was no violence and no arrests. Because the NSM was denied a permit to rally in Phoenix, the National Socialists held an unannounced flash demo. They mustered at a local park in Black neighborhood and then marched to the state capitol. A dispirited counter-protest of about 30 individuals did not disrupt the NS activitiy.

The event received low-key local publicity, as here: Neo-Nazi rally at state Capitol largely uneventful despite concerns

On Monday, April 19, NSM Commander Burt Colucci got into an argument in a Phoenix parking lot with a group of Negroes. When they threatened him, he drew a pistol but did not point it at them. The police arrived, but by then the Negroes had left, and Commander Colucci was not detained. Later, however, after the police had spoken with the Negroes in question and heard "their side of the story," Comrade Colucci was taken into custody. He was charged with aggravated assault and held on $7,500 bond.

Ironically, the arrest received more publicity than the demonstration, including a story by the British news service, Reuters. See: Neo-Nazi leader arrested in Arizona for aggravated assault | Reuters

Everyone please note: A lie isn't a "side of a story" - it's just a lie.
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Default Kwaps siding with the very ones who want them dead

Remember, only black LIES matter when it comes to (((justice))).


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