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Old September 9th, 2007 #1
Jimmy Dean
Whole Hog Sausage
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Jimmy Dean
Default Black on White sources

Finding ‘black on white’ crimes is hard work. Those reporters are under strict rules about what they can report about violent crimes. ‘Late breaking’ crime stories don’t report on race unless victims are black or perps are white. Later, after trial and conviction, you’ll see photos of black criminals. State prison execution schedules give all the details on race of criminals on death row and their victims but those crimes are several years (if not decades) old.

NEW NATION NEWS: Check out ‘black-on-white’ section, ‘dark-crimes’ and ‘NNN Newsroom forum’

TOPIX NEWS VIOLENT CRIMES: Updated all the time. Forums on every subject.

SERIAL KILLER CENTRAL: Strange. For guys who collect Jack the Ripper comic books.

PRODEATHPENALTY: Who fries tonight, and why.

DEATH ROW PRISONER WEBPAGES: They all got ‘em. Pics, bios.

TDJC DEATHROW ROSTER: Texas has the biggest. All states post them.

THE COLOR OF CRIME: Report on race and crime statistics.

If you know of good sources for 'black on white' crimes or you have good search methods, let me know.

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William Burcker
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William Burcker

Thanks Jim. These are good links. I am going to need them when I visit my home town. I have no doubt a lot of jew-sophistry will be vomited from the brainwashed minds of some old friends. Links like this will be excellent for keeping with the facts (which it seems is an unwritten law of White Nationalism)
Old September 10th, 2007 #3
William Burcker
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William Burcker

Just looked at the "New Nation News" website! Abosultey amazing. Finally a nice little database of what we all know happens, but gets next to no media attention. This will be very useful because it is all 100% fact with no spin!

Some of the things almost brough tears to my eyes, especially when looking at the pictures of the victims after reading the articles in the Black-on-White crime section. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE NIGGERS DESERVE TO BE HUNG PUBLICLY!
Old September 11th, 2007 #4
Jimmy Dean
Whole Hog Sausage
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Join Date: Jun 2007
Posts: 245
Jimmy Dean
Default Black Serial Killers List

I found this list at I haven't had time to check it out.


(Not all serial killers are white!!!)
Certain African-American professional callers to talk radio on WGNU have made a pastime of blaming whites for serial murder. The reason they are doing this is because the FBI states that the profile of the average serial murderer, among other things, is white and male. In fact, according to Gordon Lee Baum, CofCC CEO, the FBI's use of profiling in this stead is among the first instances of some law enforcement unit using the concept of overt profiling. In response to these callers, Earl P. Holt, III assembled this small list of black serial killers, and others alert us to even more examples, thank you all.-- The Webmaster
As a matter of fact, the proportion of the universe of serial killers that are black is slightly higher than their proportion of the general population.
If we missed any, please tell us about it.
Howard Arthur Allen. Indianapolis. 3 or more victims.
Jake Bird. Tacoma, Washington. He offed two in the Tacoma area in the 1940s and a total of 44 nationwide.
Terry A. Blair. Kansas City area. 8 victims.
Arthur Bomar. Philadelphia and Nevada. 4 or 5 victims.
Daniel Andrew Bowler. Richmond, Virginia. 3 victims.
Eugene Britt. Gary, Indiana. 10 or more victims.
Maurice Byrd. St. Louis area. 20 victims.
Reginald and Jonathan Carr. Wichita, Kansas. 5 victims.
Jarvis Catoe. New York City. 13 victims. 1941-42.
Alton Coleman. Midwestern USA. 8 victims.
Andre Crawford. Southside Chicago. 10 victims.
Paul Durousseau. Jacksonvile, Florida; Georgia. 6 victims, two of which were pregnant women.
Lorenzo Fayne. East St. Louis, Illinois. 5 victims, all children.
Kendall Francois. Poughkeepsie, New York and environs. 8 victims, all women.
Lorenzo J. Gilyard. Kansas City, Missouri. 12 victims, all women.(May be Missouri's worst serial killer ever, according to the Kansas City Star.)
Mark Goudeau. Valley of the Sun, Arizona. "Baseline Killer." 9 kills, along with 15 sexual assaults and 11 kidnappings during his year-long spree.
Harrison Graham. North Philadelphia city. 7 victims, possibly more.
Carlton Gray. Columbus, Georgia. 3 victims.
Vaughn Greenwood. Louisiana. 11 victims.
Kevin and Reginald Haley.
Los Angeles. 8 victims. 1979-84.
Ralph Harris. Southside Chicago. 6 victims, along with 13 armed robberies and 6 sexual assaults. The first four murders in 1992 and the final two in 1995 sandwiched a prison stint for armed robbery.
Clarence Hill. Bucks County, PA. "Duck Island Killer." 6 victims, three pairs of "lovers lane" couples. 1939-42.
Ivan Hill. Los Angeles. "60 Freeway Slayer." 6 women. 1993-4.
Elton M. Jackson. Norfolk, Virginia area. 12 victims.
Calvin Jackson. New York State. 9 victims, possibly more.
Edward James. Las Vegas. 3 victims.(He and Troy Sampson [see below] were both "thrill" serial killers, who brutally murdered random, innocent white people -- EPH)
Richard "Babyface" Jameswhite. New York State; Georgia. 15 victims.
Milton Johnson. Joliet, IL. 4 victims.
Devine Jones. St. Louis area. 3 victims, possibly more.
Henry Lee Jones. Southern Florida; Bartlett, Tennessee. 4 victims, possibly more.
Gregory Klepper. Southside Chicago. 8 victims.
Derrick Todd Lee. Southern Louisiana. 5 victims.
Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh. Florida. 20 victims, possibly more.
John Allan Mohammed and Lee Boyd Malvo. Washington, D.C. and suburbs in Maryland and Virginia; Montgomery, Alabama; Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Tacoma, Washington; Georgia; Tucson, Arizona. 13 to 19 victims, and probalby many many more.
Edward Lee Mosley. Southern Florida. 25 to 30 victims, all women.
Mohammed Alan Omar. Country of Yemen. 16 victims, all women.(Omar is Sudanese.)
Gerald Parker. "The Bedroom Basher." 6 white women, Southern CA.
Craig Price. Warwick, Rhode Island. 4 victims.
Cleophus Prince. San Diego, California. 6 victims.
Richmond Trio. Ricky Jovan Gray, Ashley Baskerville and Ray Joseph Dandridge. Richmond, VA. 8 victims among the three of them in several loosely related serial murder incidents.
Robert Rozier. Miami, Florida. 6 victims.
George Russell. Washington State. 3 victims, all women.
Troy Sampson.(See Edward James, above.)
Lemuel Smith. Upstate New York. 4 victims.
Timothy W. Spencer. Arlington, Virginia and Richmond, Virginia. 5 victims.
Maury Travis. St. Louis area; Atlanta area (?). 17 victims, possibly more.
Chester Dewayne Turner. Los Angeles. 12 victims, all women.
Unidentified. Indianapolis. 15 victims.
Michael Vernon. The Bronx, New York. 7 victims.(Five of his victims he killed in a shoe store because the store did not have shoes in his size. He later offed one pizza delivery man and one gypsy cab driver.)
Henry Louis Wallace. Charlotte, North Carolina. 9 victims.
Coral Eugene Watts. Texas; Michigan; Canada. He has confessed to 13 killings, but is suspected in as many as 80 killings.)
Wayne Williams. Atlanta area. 33 victims.
Donald E. Younge, Jr. East St. Louis, Illinois; Salt Lake City, Utah. 4 victims.
Zebra Killers. Three convicted in San Francisco. 78 victims.
The current aggregate running total using the above list is 61 perpetrators and at least 593 documented serial murder victims. In comparison, about 2900 perished in the September 11 attacks at the WTC, the Pentagon and rural Pennsylvania, and 168 died in the Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City in 1995


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