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William Hyde
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William Hyde
Default Fox New's Lorie Dhue- Nigger Loving Whore:

I was viewing "Red Eye" on Fox News tuesday night and watched in total revolsion as they welcomed this black nigger actor "Erik King" to their panel...(tall blonde southern belle Lorie Dhue was there also). Right away host Greg Gutfeld informs the hollywood nig-nog "she's (Lorie Dhue) got a crush on you" ... the nig chimes in "oh yeah yo gunna cum ovah to dah dark side baby" ... and sporting an ear to ear toothy grin Dhue replies "I'd cum over to the dark side for you baby."


See for yourselves, but better get a BARF BAG first:

Red Eye w/ Greg Gutfeld -
“We’re the slaves of the phony leaders - Breathe the air we have blown you!”
Old October 27th, 2007 #2
1st Edu
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1st Edu
jewsign itz kwan tv

What do you expect from a dumbed down disinfo JEWish tv station that caters to the degenerate—jewdeo-christian--fag/pedofile-soft coward kosher conservative –jew shit eating, nigger shit eating-we love diseased trashy mudshark crowd?
"Become strong again in spirit, strong in will, strong in endurance, strong to bear all sacrifices" -Adolf Hitler


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