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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Daniel

18 DEC 07
Hail Daniel! Many thanks for your letter of 10 DEC 07 & the Gliebian enclosure. He’s correct in emphasizing the necessity of Aryan values. Covington used to say that “National Socialism is a ’bitter medicine’ we must take to purge ourselves of Judeo-Afro ‘culture’, & after we have purged ourselves, we can go back to ‘enjoying’ it!” I told him that Judeo-Afro ‘culture’ was disgusting & toxic to me, so I did not need to purge what I do not consume. Music is one area in which my tastes were set around age 2: I preferred classical to ‘pop’. During World War II, our troops were usually White, just like the Germans; our music on AM radio was White. In fact, we listened to the same music Hitler liked: Liszt, Richard Strauss et al. This music continued until 1945, when the hebes began to Africanize the airwaves. Of course there was a certain amount of White slave-music alias “Cowboy” & “Hill Billy” stuff with its semi-Asiatic moaning & wailing of “somebody done somebody wrong” lyrics. But soon after 1945, I noticed that ‘pop’ music on the radio was becoming more & more Afro. During World War II ‘pop’ tunes were such as “Sweet & Lovely,” & “Beyond the Blue Horizon.” In 1946, listeners were (mis)treated to “Cement-Mixer, Puttee, Puttee,” & in 1947, “Open the Door, Richard.” The quality of the lyrics went down to ungrammatical caveman lingo, as well. The lyrics of Stephen Foster required a university level English background. Remember: Stephen Foster was the 1850s version of ‘pop’ music, that is music for the masses, ‘pop’ meaning ‘popular,’ you dig? Like, I mean... Duh. I was never indoctrinated to like any form of music. I just knew what I liked, as soon as I heard it.

You are welcome to use any of my material, as you like, but don’t have me purporting to say that jews are “White,” ‘cause they ain’t, as one editor did, much to my annoyance.

You seem to be mired in geopolitics, which was a scam from the beginning. I promote BIOPOLITICS, for it is the quality of the people who occupy the land, not the land itself. You must finally realize this fact, so you may stop attempting to hitch the cart before the horse. Let’s look back a bit: First we had the land of North America, lots of it, but we did not think of ourselves as a people, that is, as a Nation. We still do not, so we gave up our land, just as we do now. As you say, it would be “easier” to educate kids in a White Homeland, but when we had that possibility, we did nothing with it, for at least 400 years. If we still cannot think of ourselves as a Nation, the process toward racial extinction will continue. Aside from our biology, there is little of our North American past that is worth saving, because our NA past began on enemy territory, that is, judeo-bankster imperialist territory. Most Goyim are like one who suffers from alcoholism, but thinks that alcohol is the ‘cure’ & not the disease.

Again, let’s look at the past a bit: Covington claims that the USA is “too big to govern.” With modern technology, that is patently false, for one only needs adherents & communication. The Roman Empire was governed, even when it did not occupy one piece of land, as were subsequent states & empires, when there were only pony express-riders, pigeons & sailing ships. With modern communications, policies can be transmitted & carried out by like-minded people over vast distances. The USA is smaller than the former Russian Empire, which was effectively governed by former rulers. So, again, it is not the of the land, but the people on it that determine how it may or may not be governed. Our promotional priority must be in favor of Nationhood, the Idea thereof, FIRST, before we start pegging out a land under ZOG. The existence of ZOG precludes the existence of any White Homeland, so if we are too dumb to realize how our priorities should be ordered, our ‘friendly’ ZOG will teach us.

You show your misordered priorities when you state “that many areas should be organized at the current moment.” You must have meant PEOPLE, for areas can only be organized by proper agricultural practices. I know you referred to education, but value must come first: Is it education we should organize, or White Nationalism, in which pro-Aryan education becomes relevant? If you do not see that, then no pro-Aryan education can have any effect, for Our Folk must crave self-government as a Nation. We do not need more White consumers. We need pro-White activists. We do not need more White real estate brokers; we need White Nationalists. As long as so-called White leaders cannot see the necessity for White Nationhood, our condition will remain hopeless, but not serious.

By the time you change your place of residence, you may be living in the Land of ZOG’s North American Union, comprised of Canada, Mexico & the USA, along with Central America, which has also been deemed part of North America. What a big land that will be!

All the best. ORION!


P.S.: Nations are portable. Land is not.


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Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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