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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to John Paul

27 OCT 07
Hail John Paul! It was great to receive your letter & enclosure of 22 OCT 07. As always, I advise my correspondents to date their letters with the date the letter was completed. This way I know if there was a delay between the writing & the mailing. It also lets me know in which order letters were written. I reply to all letters as soon as possible, so if a letter goes ‘missing’ we can check up on it. I am currently in contact with the Monroe, WA, Police Dept. in regard to First Class Mail Theft by Washington State Prison zoggies. It is my understanding that 1st Class Mail should be returned to sender, if it is undeliverable, either by unnotified change of address or because of ZOG censorship. So far, I’ve received no reply from Monroe, except for the initial gulag notices of seizure. The allegations on the official gulag forms claim that my 4-page letters contain “thought-crime content.” But, by failing to return them, I never know which particular words are deemed “politically incorrect” by particular ZOG-gulag censors. As I wrote to several zoggies, the content of my letters is the same, but their reactions are different. So many of our current gulag procedures are exactly the same as Chinese-run prisoner of war camps in Korea, which included mail-manipulation & mind-manipulation aimed at demoralizing the prisoners, according to an official U.S. Dept. of Defence memo which I heard in audio form in my U.S. Air Force ROTC classes in college. The Chinese censors would select bad news from any good news. In other words, a “dear John” letter from a wife or girlfriend who is dropping her relationship with the P.O.W. would be delivered, but not a love-letter. All bills would arrive from the USA, a.s.a.p. The idea was to make the prisoner feel spurned & abandoned by the USA & the people he knew there. ZOG knows how important communications are, including mail, since USA/USSR/Red China were under the same bankster-ZOG. During The Korean War, FEDZOGUSA lied that “no U.S. prisoners had escaped Red Chinese custody.” I learned that two U.S.P.O.W.s had indeed escaped back to U.S. lines, decades after the fact. To their consternation, the 2 escapees were subjected to hostile questioning from U.S. authorities, rather than being welcomed back. Obviously, U.S. authorities wanted to know what went wrong in the Chinese prisoner program. ‘Our’ Zionist regime was obviously NOT concerned with the well-being of their soldiers, but with the well-being of their fellow zoggies’ anti-P.O.W. program. Unfortunately, I received no word on the fate of the Black soldier.

The program began, as in our ZOG-gulag system, with the separation of the 1 out of 20. That is the ratio of leaders versus sheeple which the Chinese determined from their program. Chinese guards were told to be watchful for “men to whom other men listened; men who showed courage, & men with a sense of humor.” By segregating such potential leaders, the Chinese easily controlled the 19 out of 20 sheeple, because sheeple lack initiative & the ability to think for themselves. The two successful escapees were a Black & a White U.S. soldier. They were lumped in with the sheeple. The Chinese version of ‘diesel-therapy’ was to march the P.O.W.s from one camp to another. On one of these marches the 2 P.O.W.s spoke in low tones about their status: Apparently, both were not “politically correct” in their response to the Chink-zoggies’ ‘therapy programs.’ Both men figured they were going to be killed, so they agreed to drop out of the column in the dark. The Chink-zoggies figured this lot of sheeple were sufficiently demoralized that they would not try to escape, but they were wrong in these two cases, much to the apparent consternation of the U.S.ZOG.

The White P.O.W. became embittered because of his needless sacrifice in the Korean “Police Action,” which was not, officially, a war when it was fought, similar to The Vietnam War, which was not declared by the U.S. Congress, which must be done to make any armed conflict into a “war.” The present ‘wars’ in The Middle East have never been declared by Congress, either. At the Nuremberg Show Trials, waging war without a declaration of war was deemed “a war crime & a crime against humanity,” so our ZOG is guilty under its own precedents established at Nuremberg. The German victims thereof rightly called it “Victors’ Justice.” How short our memories are! Chinese still remember their ‘loss of face’ in The Opium Wars of the 1800s. To ‘get even’, all they need is U.S. technology, which we have already given them, with the approval of our alien rulers & their Goy frontmen. The one recurrent theme in U.S. history is that all our major wars have been between ‘our’ government & the governed. All bankster regimes have this in common.

I attended a lecture by Israel Shahak in Toronto. He was an Anti-Zionist jew, like several with whom I’ve worked. The items you mentioned come from The Old Testament & The Talmud. One pope had Talmuds burned, because of their extremely hateful content, so it’s good to rely on original sources, as you have said. Remember: jews are taught to be men & Christians are taught to be sheep. No wonder we are in such a mess! I’ll send your address to an Odinist publication. All the best & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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