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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Jason

7 NOV 07
Hail Jason! Thanks for your letter of 31 OCT 07 & the great article on European Immigration policy. What we see is similar to ‘locking the barn door after the horse is stolen’: ZOG knows it’s much harder to throw illegal aliens out, once they were let in. Let’s hear the Goy cheer: DUUH!

So how do you keep an invaded land ‘nice’, when its occupiers LIKE their messes? We don’t call them “Messicans” without reason. If you can recruit pro-White Whites by picking up trash, good luck to you. Let me know if you make any progress.

The enemy will call you whatever they choose, so as to discredit you in the eyes of Goyim, White & non-White. If you deny that you are a “hater” or a “racist”, the enemy will say, “Why is your girlfriend or boyfriend White?” “If you love your race, you must hate other races.” Commander Rockwell would reply to that ancient allegation that he did love his own children, but that did not mean he hated others’ children. Your most important job, on behalf of the 14 Words, is to communicate with other Whites, not to show non-Whites how foolish you are, by picking up their trash. Yes, I know my muds. Kindness is generally taken by them to mean weakness of mind & body, for they never give things away unless they must do so.

Surely your associates on the outside must have White children & comrades who obvious y need lots of education. I strongly suggest you all form study/discussion groups to read The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which apply to our current political, economic & demographic situation. When you know your social context, you can better decide what you can do to realize the 14 Words. Your present context is that of the gulag. Imagine if you did not know that! You’d wonder why you kept bumping into locked doors. Ha! But most sheeple are even more ignorant of their kosher context outside of prison. They become willing debt-slaves. Remember: “The one ring to rule them all, & in the darkness bind them,” is credit alias debt, so shun TV & stay debt-free.

I wonder how the enemy got an idea that they should invade the home of your sister. It seems that the invaders knew what they were looking for. What happened to “RaHoWa” when you needed it? The Mexican gangs do have such ways of running Whites out of ‘their’ territory. It’s the same here in Brownest Gang-banger Yakima. One White victim told me that the increasingly mestizo police ’farce’ harassed the Mexigang’s intended victim. They even told him that he had held onto his property longer than any White they knew of. The Messicans even run the Blacks out of their barrios or neighborhoods. In CA, news reports say that Blacks are used as moving targets by Mexi-mobsters. The present inter-mestizo turf war is over drug markets. Shootings & firebombings are becoming more frequent & fatal, in this war. The police claim that they can’t obtain witnesses. You see how quickly a state is formed within the official state, as the jewish Mafia did over a century ago, in the USA. Of course, when Whites tried such tactics, the ZOG intervened, which it does not do in the case of mafiosi & mestizo-bandido gangsters, despite all the squawk & talk about “dealing with gangs.” Of course, gangs are one byproduct of the U.S. mania for the myth of “cheap labor,” which, like “democracy,” does not exist. The tax-payers must pay the real wages of the “cheap workers”, which the fatcat felon employers dodge, thanks be to ZOG. I gather from your letter that your group is trying to ‘clean up’ such gangs. If so, you’d better be prepared to defend yourselves, or join the rush of White Flight, but to where? Belief is one thing, but mere belief, as you say, achieves nothing. Belief must be followed by behavior, for behavior is what we use to address reality. I can believe all I want to in brick houses, but until I actually pick up a brick, I am merely dwelling in a fantasy, rather than a reality.

Whites should help other Whites learn skills so they can better earn their livings, under ZOG, & the more they know about ZOG’s economy, i.e. scams, the more they can defend themselves. Remember, this is occupied territory. It is not your territory until the occupiers are defeated & driven out. To achieve this, Whites must become a nation, that is, a people, who put Whites’ interests first. The jews & Gypsies have their “portable nationstates,” & so must Whites. We must never confuse a people with a land, as the jew, Boas, taught us, knowing full well that this teaching was wrong, for jews don’t believe it, nor should we. Had you read The Protocols before you started boozing, you would have seen how much The Learned Elders of Zion urge such degeneracy upon us & why. Knowledge is power, & this little booklet can provide you with lots of power.

All the best. ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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