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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Tom

14 NOV 07
Dear Tom: Many thanks for your latest mailing of observations on current events! I hadn’t heard that the Japanese have refused to refuel U.S. Navy ships. This would indicate the ongoing craze for privatization under global capitalism. Why can’t the ZOG hire the Iranian armed forces & put them on paid vacation, instead of bombing them?

A few local Yakimorons seem to be aware of the coming political/demographic/economic crisis, of which Bush’s “North American Union” will be one symptom. The jewsmedia attempt to dodge the issues of inflation & unemployment/falling wages, but if one pays attention to the bafflegab, one deduces that, yes, inflation is here & it is worsening. One fellow even admitted that the price of oil has to affect all items made from oil & transported with oil fuel. Last year, I heard that steel prices had gone up 33%, as I recall. I mentioned to some with ears that all things made with & from steel must go up, as well. When key or strategic materials go up in price, all items dependent on those materials must also increase in price. When we pay more zogbucks to obtain the same things, that’s inflation, folks. Inflation is theft. One can steal your money by removing it from your pocket, but bankster-theft leaves the money in your pocket & reduces its value, so we must pay more for less.

To compound the inflationary forces, our banksters of the “Federal Reserve” are putting many more worthless zogbucks into circulation to rescue the mortgage merchants. A nice jew named Cutner was interviewed on NPE jewsradio on this subject, which his book addresses. Cutner’s book is entitled “The Squandering of America.” What I heard about it is correct: He said that The Depression (caused by the Federal Reserve) led to federal regulations, much like repairing the lock on the barndoor after the horse was stolen. He mentioned one important regulation which forbade banks from issuing bonds for sale to the public. Abolition of that regulation led to the mortgage bust, since banks would lend zog-bucks to borrowers unlikely to pay, but instead of holding the bad debts themselves, banksters would repackage these debts as bonds & sell the bad debts to unsuspecting investors. Cutner pointed out the unethical practices & conflicts of interest, such as lending money to people who couldn’t pay it back, as the lenders had good reason to know. In addition to deregulation, the crooks also took advantage of many ways of “monetizing debt” into a huge structure of speculation, with lots of overseas suckers, er, investors. All advantage went to the insiders, who knew quite well what was going on behind their smokescreen. Cutner compared the bankster bailout of criminalized institutions with the previous bailout of the savings & loans. What he described was the abuse of our entire financial system for the profits of a very few, at tremendous cost to the system & the majority of honest participants therein. In other words, a handful of racketeers succeeded in holding the world financial system to ransom, but the central banks’ funding of institutions to prevent major financial collapse will cost everyone in the form of inflation. Why can’t the ZOG identify the crooks & make them return their ill-gotten gains? ZOG only knows. The big crooks must enjoy ZOG protection, for smaller crooks have indeed been tracked to the ends of the earth & apprehended. But some crooks are “more equal” than others, as we know. It’s not what one did, but who he is which matters.

I recently received some 1960 National Geographic magazines. How White our society appeared! A recent article in our local Yakima Harlot-Repulsive features a DAR welcome for immigrants. Why not? The USA was never a nation, always an empire. The Founding Felons were NOT pro-White. They merely made use of White slaves & victims for their Zionist-bankster purposes. Now they figure they can use non-Whites for consumers & their eternal, infernal myth of “cheap labor.” The dumb Goyim seemed to believe that the scum which rose to the top of North American society had their interests at heart, on behalf of the USA, but empires are global, so no country can be expected to benefit from their rulers’ policies. I think Palmerston’s chilling credo applies, & always has: As I recall, he stated, in effect, “We have no eternal friends, nor eternal enemies; only eternal interests.” This explains why our ZOGs so willingly sacrificed their White populations for profit, not patriotism, & why they continue to do so, with our willing assistance. The truth is in plain sight, but the Goy sheeple are too scared to see it, as were most Whites before Smith’s sellout to Black Marxist Misrule in Rhodesia. What I see in the Jewnited States is a bigger, longer rerun of dysfunctional White behavior, based on jewsmedia illusions. In Brownest Yakima, a very few Ostensible Whites advise us to spend our zogbucks while they can still buy things. All the best! DOWZ! ORION!



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Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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