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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Phil

5 Jewlie 07. Dear Phil: Many thanks for your letter of 2 Jewlie & the great enclosures! We have a schizo-environment with extreme droughts & rainfalls simultaneously. I guess some would interpret that to mean “Allah is punishing us infidels.” As things look now, Islam may overwhelm the world, or at least where we live. Then we’ll have to ask China to ‘rescue’ us. Such a deal! What a mess we have made for ourselves, at such sacrifice.

I’m glad you received the mailing which you’d sent me by mistake. Such mistakes are often due to fatigue. I hate, yes, hate! to go around in a dozy, semi-zombie state of fatigue, in which I’m barely ½ aware of what I’m doing. Since I’m retired, I have no excuse to feel that way. I hope you can catch up on rest, for fatigue contributes to accidents more serious than mis-addressing an envelope.

Eastern WA is due for some 100+ temperatures, which I’m currently ‘enjoying’, but we have it good here, for humidity is low, so our natural cooling apparatus functions, unlike tropical east coast states. When I did groundskeeping in Louisville, KY, the temperature hovered around 100° with 100% humidity. I prefer to work in a sauna, rather than a steambath.

Thanks for the latest status report on the damage which two-legged cockroaches are doing in what’s left of the Amazon rainforest & oxygen factory. Mud-people are best at creating deserts, as well as great numbers of ”useless-eaters,” to quote the jew, “Lenin.” The same is occurring in Black Africa, along with other ills, such as bad government & inflation.

I shall not cry me a river in regard to the asparagus unharvest. The growers can do what the oil-banksters do: charge way more for way less. If it works for them, why not try it? When I worked as a parking attendant in The Yakima Mall Parking Garage, a new sportscar pulled up in front of my booth. There were two young Mexicans in the front seat & 3 packed into the back. I told the Mexi-driver that his parking fee was $l.50. With great effort, he forced his right hand into his bluejeans, & with great struggle, albeit not truly heroic, he extracted his hand in which he held a wad of $100 fit to choke the proverbial horse. He examined the wad & with great effort, stuffed it back into his pocket. With the same effort, he extracted another such wad from his front left pocket & perused the $100 bills. ‘I ain’t got nothin’ smaller,” he lamented, almost tearfully. I sympathized with him: “I feel your pain,” I said, in Clintonian fashion, “But I can change a hundred for you.” He did not seem over-joyed at that good news, but I gave him his change & watched him drive off in a cloud of rubber & exhaust gasses. I remarked to my fellow garage attendant in the next booth: “You know, that spicklette had his pockets stuffed with $100 bills.” My colleague replied: “Prob’ly one of them champeen asparagus-pickers.” That’s when I longed to get into asparagus-picking, but another Yakimoron told me the spicklette was likely in some other profession, such as selling recreational substances. “Oh, you mean the entertainment business?” I asked. “No, I mean DRUUUGS I” said my informant. Holy pot-smoke, Batman!

I received a card about David Lane from a correspondent in regard to a memorial fund. I hear that his heirs will divide his ashes into 14 equal portions. That way, they can all fight each other as holders of “the true ash,” in typical blightwing fashion. I wonder if jews will bid for any samples, like the one who bought “The Turner Diaries” from Pierce.

It really looks as if there will be a North American Union in our near future, as the Goyim are distracted by the immigration issue. Nobody is ‘clean:’ The Dems want the muds for votes & the Reps want them for ‘cheap labor.’ A plague on both their houses.

In Iraq, the dumb ZOG-grunts are bleeding & dying, but we hear very little about the many mercenaries or “private contractors” who serve ZOG-interests for big bucks. That’s why their morale is not low, but were the ZOG-grunts draftees, we might have a real revolt in this land of ZOG, so our Zionist-bankster regime prefers to pay the mercs with inflated zogbucks. The question is the loyalty of the mercs. If Osama offers them a raise, will they work for him? Stay tuned! Machiavelli warned about relying on mercenaries, but who cares what he said? Bush knows nothing, so he fears nothing.

Keep up the good work. Like Atlas, we gain our strength from the soil. DOWZ & ORION! P.S. Thanks for the stamps!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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