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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Chad

29 DEC 06. Hail Chad! It was great to receive your letter of 26 DEC 06. Thanks for the compliments on my ‘adventurous’ life. I never did anything spectacular, like James Bond, or Conan the Barbarian, so I've had a pretty easy life, barring a bout of Mexican dysentery in 1959. Others with much better imaginations than mine make up more interesting biographical fiction about me than I could invent, even if I were to eat a pizza with magic mushrooms. The ADL even makes up ‘quotes’ from me on their website. We all have a tendency to think of ourselves as ‘unique,’ that others are not at all as we are. This illusion prevents us from learning from others’ experiences. I can say that I have profited from other’s hard learning experiences, because I believed that such things could also happen to me. Even Bush #2 is probably aware of Mexico’s immigration laws, but it won’t hurt to remind him, for his memory may be a little bit unreliable, I gather, when he confused Iran with Iraq in a speech. So far, he has not confused Syria with Siberia, but that may happen, also.

Tactics & strategies make history, but we must always ask ourselves “Cui bono?” Who benefits? even when we are willing to pay the ultimate price for their realization. In his book, “By Way of Deception,” former Mossadnik, Victor Ostrovsky, relates how the Mossad recruits Arabs to carry out jobs which do not benefit the Arabs, such as the usual suicide bombings ongoing in Iraq. Who benefits from Moslem versus Moslem conflict? Most certainly not the Moslems! One would think they could catch on, but it seems they can’t. The U.S. presence in Iraq serves as a distraction for the Shia & Sunnis, who are more interested in killing one another. The Moslems may have something to gain by defeating other Moslems, but the U.S. & its stooges have nothing to gain from ‘consuming’ all the ordnance coming their way. Covert operatives rarely know for whom they really work, so we should not be overly-generous with our courage & commitment, for cui bono?

The Knights Templar were described in Peter Tompkins’ “The Magic of Obelisks” as a proto-Freemasonic-Satanic group who learned usury & buggery during their stint in The Middle East. Their leader, Demolay, is a Freemasonic ‘saint.’ Freemasons are agents of Satan & jewry. Crowley, the notorious Satanist, was a 33 degree Freemason, as well as a member of Ordo Templar Orientis (Order of Templars of the Orient). I do not know of their alleged connection with “The Holy Grail.” Sorry! Albert Pike, high mucky-muck Freemason & founder of the KKK, declared that “Freemasonic doctrine must be preserved in its Luciferian purity’ The Rothschild banksters are the real masters of the Freemasons, who ardently desire to be jew-slaves, like their mythical founder, “Hiram Abiff,” the alleged master mason of the equally mythical jew, “King Solomon.”

As you observe, it is a big change when one is inside or outside the ZOG-gulag. Prisoners with whom I’ve worked on fire suppression, when I was in the U.S. Forest Service, impressed me as ‘foreigners,’ who spoke English, but seemed unfamiliar with life on the outside, & they said so. When one is totally immersed in the prison environment, & then suddenly immersed in civilian life, it must be similar to living in different worlds. We are creatures of habit, so we would tend to fall back into our previous ways on the outside, so we may wind up back on the inside, again. It takes a strong change from within to change our ways when we are exposed to such powerful environmental changes, especially in the midst of the same people. Environment is potent for reviving memory. If I am in a German-speaking environment, my German soon perks up. Here in Brownest Yakima, I have no trouble in keeping my Spanish rust-free. Such a deal! It’s a Scotsman’s dream: being able to speak Spanish, without paying for a trip to Mexico. Hoot mon! I understand why those with whom I’ve corresponded usually stop writing when they get out. Writing takes time, & people outside the gulags have more & better things to do, as I would hope, so I am not disappointed when their letters cease. Being retired, I can devote my life to correspondence, but I could not do so when I was working at part-time, minimum-wage jobs, which I expected to be doing until I dropped dead in my tracks, but thanks be to ZOG, I became old, broke & jobless at just the right time, so I’ve never had it so good. This is an example of The Law of the Contrary, which seems to apply in my case. It works for me, so I can’t complain.

Keep up the good work, ZOG willing. DOWZ! ORION! & 88!



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Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
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