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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Phil

15 NOV 07
Dear Phil; Many thanks for your latest of 10 NOV 07.

The religious/racist writer puts forth some valid points, but whenever he quotes the jewbook, he leaves his interpretations open to debate. Yes, Christinsanity has ALWAYS aimed to destroy the White Race. The Founding Felons of the USA actively worked to ‘convert’ non-Whites, as Jesus is alleged to have told his disciples: “Go therefore & make disciples of all the nations...” Meanwhile, the Pilgrims had brought their White slaves with them on The Mayflower, & continued to import more of same, under their Christian racket. So, even a dumb Goy might wonder about “Christian racism” on behalf of Whites, when the proponents of same traded in White (Christian) slaves & pandered to non-Whites whom they wished to make into non-slave Christians. Nothing more anti-White than Christianity could be more obvious. But may Whites save their race by adopting Old Testament Judaism?

The truth lies in Aesop, in which a peasant’s cart is stuck in the mud. The devout peasant kneels & prays Zeus to get him unstuck. Zeus thunders from the clouds that the peasant should put his shoulder to the wheel & whip his horse, for ”Zeus helps those who help themselves.” In other words, it is folly to misbehave in the natural world, & then, to rely upon supernatural help to undo our sins of omission & commission. Is a jewbook necessary for Whites to perceive what ails them? If so, then we are beyond saving. I’m sure that some Old Testament proverbs can be found to tell us not to go into debt; not to become drug addicts, &c., but why should truth be couched in terms of Yahweh? What can a Goy make of advice to the contrary, which may be found within the same source? Why have so-called Christians adopted Jesus-Yahweh as “one god,” & Old & New Testaments as “one religion,” when their statements are obviously not? Dr. Oliver warned us about the Orwellian belief in absurdities, i.e. the belief in contradictory premises. The kosher commies call that “cognitive dissonance,” which they use in mind-control. In effect, this is the destruction of thought processes by means of oxymorons, such as “cold heat.” I heard the jew Marcuse use the term “repressive tolerance,” &c. in his talk to a group of students in CA. In Orwell’s “1984,” meanings were reversed. In “cognitive dissonance,” meanings are destroyed, just as New Testament nullifies Old Testament, & Leninism nullifies Marxism. Orwell said that “Tyranny begins with the abuse of language,” & that “who defines controls.” In regard to Christinsanity’s destruction of the White Race, all we need do is look about us: “By their fruits (& nuts) shall ye know them.”

I appreciate the download from, which urges us to escape the world of cyberspace via the Internet, so we may enter the ‘real world.’ This strikes me as advice to drink more in order to sober up. Whether we like it or not; whether we are aware of it or not, we do live in the real world, even when we occupy our minds with fantasies. It is relevant to know how many Goyim have chosen to ‘drop out’ from the unpleasant aspects of the real world by dwelling in cyberspace, in addition to the world of jewsmedia illusions. Whatever we do in ‘virtual reality’, we remain in need of physical sustenance, for, as Nietzsche observed: “Man has his stomach to remind him he is not a god.” If it is possible to satisfy our material wants while we live in cyberspace in terms of our intellectual wants, then it would appear that we have achieved both worlds. We may entertain anarchistic thoughts, but the outcome of anarchy in practice would be a war of all against all. For anarchy to work, even in theory, all must conform to a set of values. By destroying the state as a physical entity, we must incorporate the state as our moral entity. For example, how much is “too much?” Who is to tell Messrs. Rothschild & Rockefeller how much power & wealth they should have, in relation to the rest of humanity? In practice, most individuals have their own peculiar ideas about what constitutes “insufficient,” “enough” & “too much.” How many children ‘should’ one have? Nobody agrees, since the Turd World wants ‘more’, ad infinitum, & they are the majority. Does ‘majority rule’ apply to anarchy? Not that I know, for anarchy is the purview of each individual, rather than any group. In the real world, effective action is group action, not individual diversity.

Thanks for the summary of Apocalyptic Possibilities. Earth is a dynamic entity, with its own cycles of warming, cooling, pole-shifts, &c. How long we remain as passengers on Spaceship Earth is open to such conjecture, but how should dire prospects affect our present behavior? We are here for a brief time, so our behavior must conform to our most likely “deadline.” Should we believe that our temporary existence as individuals nullifies its value? As Alan Watts said of an orchestra: One can ask why it is playing music, since the music vanishes as soon as we hear it? His reply was: “If you ask that question, you are not listening!” All the best. DOWZ! ORION!



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