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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letter to Brandon

25 Jewlie 07. Hail Brandon! Thanks for your letter of 23 Jewlie 07. We must not confuse place with nation, for nation is a people. A member of The Yakama Nation can go anywhere, but be remains a Yakama. Austria is a place. German is a nation. After World War I, The Austro-Hungarian Empire was cut up, leaving only the German part, which was called Austria. In 1919, Austria voted to join their fellow Germans, but ZOG refused to let them. In 1938, Hitler agreed to the unification of Austria & Germany, much to the joy of the German people of Austria. The jews tried to cover that up with “The Sound of Music.” Jews claimed that Hitler was a jew, but they refuse to do DNA tests on his surviving brother & sisters in order to prove it one way or the other. Afro-Asian genes would prove that Hitler was a jew. If they are not present, then Hitler was a White man.

Germans have invented so many things, that we should ask “What have they NOT invented?” The Allies stole tons of German patents in World War I, including aspirin, & aniline dyes which did not run or fade in clothing. They did the same after World War II. My U.S. Air Force ROTC instructor told me that the USA added over 40,000 words to our aeronautical vocabulary from German patents after World War II. The USA had no jet planes nor rockets like the V-2. In addition to that loot were tons of patents in electronics, plastics, oil from coal, rubber from coal, &c. as well as drugs & pesticides. The Germans probably produced methamphetamines to keep troops awake in emergencies. Hitler was said to allow his jew-quack, Morell, to dose him with uppers & downers, which no doubt affected Hitler’s judgement, according to Dr. Röhrs, who wrote “Hitlers Krankheit,” or “Hitler’s Illness.” Apparently, Hitler thought he could run his body as one runs a machine: switch on, switch off, on schedule. We should remember that most people didn’t know how drugs affected our minds & bodies. Jew-quack Freud recommended cocaine for all sorts of ailments, including cancer, & he was also a coke addict. Few people had any sense about atomic radiation for decades. I recall American shoe stores which let everyone use their fluoroscopes so they could look at the bones of their feet, that is, see through them. The amount of radiation such a device produced was excessive & potentially harmful. Hospitals used to X-ray babies in their mothers’ wombs, largely for entertainment, rather than medical treatment. DDT was sprayed everywhere. Car exhaust spread toxic lead in the air & onto food crops. People smoked like chimneys & did not take alcoholism seriously, as in the case of Winston Churchill, who Roosevelt called “that drunk.” Asbestos was abundant in household items, in buildings & brakeshoes, so it could be inhaled. Firemen worked without independent air supplies, so they were called “smoke-eaters.” Miners inhaled coal dust, to die of black lung, as many do today. Grain elevator staff inhaled grain dust & died of white lung. People worked without protection, mainly because they did not know they should do so.

When I studied chemistry I was told that I must learn German, for all the important chemistry books were written in German. One chemistry teacher told us that he & a partner had done their masters’ thesis on a chemical compound. They thought they had done a pioneering study of it, until my teacher found a German chemistry book that dated back to the 1880s. Not only did the German chemist have all the data on their compound, but one of his experiments had the correct result, where my teacher had made an error in his calculations! The motive for German inventions was to achieve economic self-sufficiency, so they could do without foreign imports. Economic independence is necessary for political independence & that is necessary for a nation’s freedom. Globalism puts us under foreign masters, just as banksterism has done. Not to worry since the USA was always an empire, never a nation, so a change of masters is only important in regard to what they intend for us. Right now, it looks as if they plan to get rid of us, with our help, of course!

My travels were limited, since I always travelled from one job to another, never for travel’s sake, as a tourist. All the best & ORION!



Write to:
Mr. Eric Thomson
P.O. Box 896
Yakima, Washington 98907-0896
Ek trui a matt minn ok megin.
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