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Exclamation NSM Screws the Pooch with SAGA Concert

14! 88!

Well, for the last 7 months I have been working with Erich Gliebe, Saga and Jeffy, the Illustrious Idiot, to get Saga over here to play this summer.
I had to arrange places for her to play, set up dates as did Erich, but what did Jeffy do? JACK SH*T and Jack left town! NOT ONE DONATION for air flight or hotel expenses from the NSM!
Erich and my other NA buddy Eric have talked to her (yes, I have her number, so eat your hearts out!), gotten things going, talked about getting it organized and what did Schoep do? NOTHING!!!!
She tells us now that due to lack of funding, she won't be able to make it.
Now, I know Saga is a very busy lady. but she was willing to take the time to come over here for 2 weeks, play the 12 or so states all for just food and a room for her and the family. That's IT! She was going to play for NOTHING!
Now the NA isn't really active publicly anymore and that's OK, but at least Erich Gliebe took the initiative, followed through with what we wanted to do and that was to entertain our volks here and to meet Saga. You would think that Jeffy would make that a f**king priority, but nooooooo..... Jeffy didn't. In fact, Jeffy never called me back ONCE about how the funds were going, how many places we had set up for her, I mean Hells Bells! I even had the KSS boys willing to help us out as well as that stuttering dildo Nick Chappel & the Redneck Shop but the "Commander" was too busy slappin' nasties with his new gf to even give a sh*t.
So there ya have it folks! No Saga concert this summer due to lack of funds and motivation from the NSM, who didn't even TRY to donate, announce or help out in any way. He just wanted the glory in having their name associated with her. The NA came up with half the funds and as the NSM is the allegedly largest WN org in America, they could have bake sales or a page on the website for donations but they did nothing! Nada! Zip! Squat! Kaput!
Now, if you want to see Saga, we need $4000 (minus what we already have) to cover air flight for her and her entourage. Contact Erich Gliebe at [email protected] or Mark Martin [email protected] for more info on where to send your donations.
Let's try to show our collective white unity and let's get Saga over here to play! If every registered member on this site sent in $1, we would have 3 times the $$ needed to get her here!
My $100 is ready. Anyone else want to see the Queen of White power music this summer??




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