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Lars Redoubt
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Lars Redoubt
Default Eric Thomson: Letters

13 Jewlie 08

Hail Andrew! Many thanks for your letter of 10 Jewlie 08. In answer to your question as to why jews want to destroy Whites, it is contained in their commandment that “The best of the Goyim (Gentiles) should be killed.” As economist Werner Sombart reported: “Wars are the jews’ harvests,” since they lend money to all parties. Hence, whoever wins owes the jew banksters money, thereby enhancing the jews’ power & profits. Unfortunately, we behave like the jews’ Golem (Goyim), a mud monster into which a rabbi inserts a piece of paper with magic symbols thereon, which animates the Golem to obey the rabbi. We are at fault to the extent we behave like this mythical jewish mud-monster.

Rudolf Hess was well-known as “The Prisoner of Peace,” for he went to Britain in 1941 to end hostilities between Germany & The British Empire. Hitler had no intention of invading Britain, & his “Operation Sealion” was a hoax to fool Stalin, which it did. The banksters wanted Hitler to invade Britain, so Stalin could steamroller all of Europe. Stalin’s invasion preparations were well underway in 1941, according to a German high altitude aerial reconnaissance observer whom I interviewed. He said that he could see the smoke of endless trains; that the Soviet railway system had become a gigantic conveyorbelt, bringing war materiel from east to west, & machinery, crops & livestock from west to east. There could be no doubt as to the Reds’ intentions: To do what Trotsky had failed to do, the invasion & conquest of Europe, all of it. His observation was confirmed decades later by a former Soviet military intelligence officer who writes under the name of “Suvorov,” in his book, “The Icebreaker.” Of course, Churchill & Roosevelt knew of Stalin’s intentions, so Churchill was waiting for the Reds to stab the Germans in the back, while he bragged of “Britain standing alone.” Rudolf Hess’ peace offer would have spoiled Churchill’s propaganda, so Hess was locked up in Britain, & later in Zionist Occupied Germany. According to his son, Wolf Rudigger Hess, his father was murdered by the Brits who learned that the USSR would release Hess from Spandau Prison on their rotation as guards. The Brits did not want Hess to talk, so they beat him to death, as I deduced from his horrible photos, & then they ritually “hanged” him by draping an electric cord on his neck. “Cording” is a talmudic, cabalistic ritual which identifies the killers as members of a freemasonic “hidden hand.” I understand that the Hess File is kept under lock & key in British archives for another 40 years. In law, such behavior is deemed mens rea (the guilty mind). Hitler saved Europe from Stalin, but he could not save Europe from the Europeans, under Zionist bankster rule.

Since my forced exile from the USA from 1969 to 1992 I missed lots of features on TV. One fellow commented that I watched History Channel to catch up on the news. The last TV news I saw, before my return to the Jewnited States, was the murder of Robert Kennedy in 1968. Perhaps I missed a History Channel program on Stalin’s plan to invade Europe in 1941, but everyone whom I’ve asked tell me they saw no such program, so that is one of the best-kept secrets of World War II. I believe that Allied archives have such information.

My name is spelt Thomson. That is Norwegian, for my family come from The Orkneys & Hebrides, making me “offshore Scottish.” If I were Danish, it would be Thomsen, & if I were Irish, it would be Thompson. The way you spelt it as “Tomsan” seems Japanese, meaning “Mr. Tom.” In correct Romanji, it would be “Tomosan.” Ha! When I lived in Japan I was impressed by their 4 alphabets. Naturally, the only one I could read was Romanji or Roman letters. Signs in the other alphabets I could not read at all. Have a “hotodogu,” while you watch a game of “besoboru.” That’s an old Japanese custom.

Other ‘corded’ Zionist (jew-supremacist) victims include Secretary of Defense Forrestal, who objected to President Truman’s recognition of Israel in 1948. He allegedly “jumped” from a hospital window, & he had his bathrobe belt around his neck. During the Vatican Bank scandal, its director, Roberto Calvi, went to London, home of The Mother Lodge of Freemasonry. His body was found hanged, beneath Black Friars’ Bridge, after he’d been murdered. Not only was Calvi a Freemason, but he was a bankster, & therefore of interest to The Bank of England, also in The City of London. The Bank of England is a private, jew-owned bank, as is The Federal Reserve et al. Jew banksters also fund the Freemasons who want to be their slaves, in accordance with the Myth of Hiram Abiff, the alleged Gentile slave of the mythical King Solomon, whose temple has never been found. I suspect that “Solomon” was a jew corruption of King Solon who was a great lawgiver, & whose ruined palace is near Tyre in Lebanon.

Make your time work for you by acquiring knowledge. All the best. ORION!



Werner Sombart: The Jews and Modern Capitalism


3 Jewlie 08

Dear Phil: Thanks for your letter of 29 JUN 08, & the insanity of the “L.A. Strumpet.” As Jefferson wrote: “A Christian must be a fool or a fraud,” so it is up to The Strumpeteers to judge themselves. Can Christians ever be White people? That is a good question, since they can’t think like White people, as Dr. Oliver wrote, when he described Christinsanity as a form of pus injected into the brains of children to destroy their mental immune systems. Hence, Christinsanity is a form of AIDS in the mind. Let’s consider “prophecy.” If it is correct, a prediction of the future, we can ask, “Whose prediction?” Satan’s or Yahweh’s? Does it matter? Prophecy is prophecy. Of course, White thinkers see that a true prophecy is paralyzing. Why? To seek to change the predicted outcomes would be resisting the demonic deity of the jews, so it would be blasphemy, as well as futile.

One talmudist, a rabbi in Israel, correctly pointed out that Hitler was a Divine Instrument, for he punished reincarnated jew sinners, as Yahweh wished. Dr. Oliver pointed out that truth long before the rabbi did. Christ-eaters called the Huns & Mongols “The Scourge of God,” meaning that they were doing Jesus ben Yahweh’s work by killing & raping the Christians. What devout Christian would dare to challenge The Scourge of God’s righteous mission? When something is prophesied, it means that nothing can be done about it, nor should anything be done about it.

Another contradiction I note is the confusion about jews alias Israelites. Jesus called them “The children of the Father of Lies,” i.e. Satan. Ever since Cain slew Abel, jews have been switching from ‘divine’ to Satanic in their identity. Jews are at once the victims & the perpetrators of Satanic crimes. A White man would ask: “Why do these jewish problems involve me? Certainly, I’d be a fool to hold these schizos in high esteem.”

As I noted, the cognitive dissonance (absurdity) generated from attempting to combine Old & New Testaments is equal to the jews’ attempt to combine Marxism with Leninism. Marx was like Jesus in his credo that those who ‘need’ should receive, whereas Lenin decreed that “Those who do not work shall not eat.” The attempt to combine contradictions = absurdity, & if we can believe absurdities, we are insane.

Perhaps the ultimate outcome of absurd belief & behavior was noted by anti-Zionist jew Israel Shamir, who wrote of the Christian Zionists’ devotion to speeding up “the end-times” by serving the perceived interests of Israel. Shamir pointed out that these Christian Zionists long for the fulfillment of prophecy which prescribes first the advent of the Anti-Christ, & only then the ”return” of Jesus. Hence, those who strive to speed up the process of prophecy on behalf of Jesus are, right now, IN THE SERVICE OF THE ANTI-CHRIST, so Jesus will throw them down to hell, along with the Anti-Christ whom they serve. Such a deal! Only braindead Christ-eaters would try to speed up prophecy in the first place. Why can’t Jesus come in his own time? Dr. Oliver wrote that kuru, a form of mad cow disease which attacks the brain, is transmitted by Pacific Islanders who ritually devour the brains of their dead relatives. So it seems with those who devoutly devour the ‘soul’ of Jesus in their communion rituals. This is no White man’s religion, but a form of Voodoo for Europeans. Good riddance.

If the dire descriptions of jewbook jabber are indeed “prophecies,” then we neither can nor should do anything to thwart them. So much for The Strumpet & its shekel-grubbing conmen. Thanks, always, for the mental exercise, which informs me that I’m not yet braindead. Let’s consider the context: If passages can be found in the jewbook that things will be consumed by fire, & I am a jewbook wacko fireman, should I fight fires? If I believe prophecy, then the fires will consume things anyway, & since it is prophecy, I am “doing the work of the Anti-Christ.” So, let the fires burn, folks! Yatta, yatta Yahweh, & Hiyo Silver. Up, up & away.

Thanks for the offer of the poignant picture of the inscrutable lone female in the NY deli, with her cigarette & coffee, seen through her dark glasses. Would her solitude indicate loneliness, for dark glasses are used to conceal grief? Or has she contrived to shut out the world, in favor of her own self-sufficiency?

In 1961 I had no TV, so I missed the film on New Guinea. In that year I decided to flee Judeo America & its Talmudic Treadmill to Oblivion, once I’d saved sufficient funds to leave the country. I was not only lucky, but far wiser than I knew in charting my own life course, rather than ape others’ miserable lives of toil, debt & consumption.

I enjoyed watching fireflies in Kentucky, but I understand that glow worms are entirely different critters, &/or the wingless larvae of fireflies. With wings, fireflies are also called “glow flies.” Anyway, they are wondrous & beautiful.

So David Irving is still waffling about: “They gassed them; they gassed them not; they gassed them...“ As a historian, he cannot make up his mind. Why not shut up until he knows for sure? Strength through joy! DOWZ! ORION!



2 Jewlie 08

Dear Tom: Many thanks for your great letters of April & June 08. I appreciate your card & the idyllic garden/pasture scene, with the descriptive poem. Sometimes 1000 items in a picture can convey one word: Peace.

The Bush-Cheney Gang must be in Petrobankster Heaven. All this & pleasing the jews, too! What’s not for them to like? As you say, all that is required for war with Iran is a pretext. Truth is totally unnecessary. We can simply accuse Iran of having “bad feelings” toward the Jewnited States & Israel. Since thoughts in this Land of ZOG are crimes, then Iran is already guilty & ‘deserves’ any punishment Israel & FEDZOGUSA wish to give it, at ZOG’s time of choosing. One jewsmedia pundit stated that, if Israel attacks Iran, the USA will automatically join them. There are pretexts aplenty for a sudden “pre-emptive strike” by the Zionist forces.

Many things are said to influence the higher oil prices, hence, higher gasoline prices in Zoglandia: Nigerian bandit attacks on oil-drilling platforms; pipeline cuts, & above all, threat of war in The Persian Gulf. But there is one discrepancy: Why is gasoline $2 a gallon in Mexico & $4 a gallon in USA? This discrepancy points to the influence of the oil middlemen & the speculators, rather than the suppliers. We blame the Arabs, when we should be blaming Exxon et al.

The politicians who proclaim their idiotic ‘solutions’ to the current oil crisis are not braindead, it is the Goyim who believe them. Bush will get his war on behalf of Israel, & things will get worse, but they will not get better until the Goyim get tough with ZOG. My only question is, how much will the Goyim take? Stay tuned. I have no doubt that we deserve whatever we get, since we’ve earned it from our greed, ignorance & stupidity. Those who live like cattle die like cattle. As you say, Judeo-Americans have accumulated a large brushpile now tinder-dry, just in time for the inferno, or holocaust. Whatever analogy we use, the ongoing crises are likely to bring about sudden, uncomfortable changes. Some writers claim that U.S. food supplies are not adequate, & supplies are uncertain, while the increasing inflation demands more zogbucks for less food. One analyst predicts food riots in the USA from this worsening situation, as a matter of WHEN, not IF. But Goyim believe those whom they want to believe. Truth is acceptable only if it is entertaining, not threatening.

As you observe, some, like jews, use their words to mask their meanings, but letters intended for one person to read can be honest, if the writer is not trying to sell something to the reader! You may have heard of people who are behind in their correspondence. Well, I just received a letter from Hitler dated 30 OCT 1942. It was not addressed to me, but to the famous Swedish explorer, Sven Hedin. In it, Hitler evaluates the ongoing war & points out that Poland’s start of the war, which was begun for bad reasons, had a good outcome of preparing Europeans for Stalin’s planned invasion of Europe. Had there been peace, Europe would have been flattened under the Soviet steamroller, but under Polish-created conditions, Europe had a chance. There was no doubt that Stalin intended doing what Trotsky had failed to do: The Communist conquest of all Europe, in 1941. Stalin thought Hitler would try to invade Britain, as the jew-banksters had planned, but Hitler hit the Reds just before they launched their massive invasion. This Soviet plan was revealed by Suvorov in his book, “The Icebreaker.” Hitler was Stalin’s “icebreaker,” who was to soften Europe for the Soviet invasion. Hitler had no intention of invading Britain, so Operation Sealion was a hoax, with lots of fake radio traffic to convince Stalin that German forces were massed on the Channel coast, rather than in Poland, where they would attack Stalin’s build up. I added some British Foreign Office memos to my reply dated AUG 1943, which confirmed Britain’s intention to give Poland & other European countries to Stalin. I’m sure that Churchill & FDR, who knew the whole situation, were perfectly willing to give Stalin all of Western Europe, as well, so I shall look for further indications of Western Allies’ intentions. Hitler saved Europe from Stalin, but he could not save Europe from the Europeans. History reveals many missed opportunities for good, as well as many for evil, depending on one’s interests as a human being or as a bankster.

I note that my reply is in the same typeface as the attached British Foreign Office report. Time-travel by typewriter?

Whites have been prisoners & slaves of the Zionist banksters for centuries, so the realization of our status should come as neither shock nor surprise. To solve a problem, one has first to identify it. Jung mentioned that one should not be dismayed by the ordinary tasks of human life, as I judge our situation to be. Most mortals seem to be entirely satisfied if their bellies are full, but true humans are greedy for more than that. They want freedom to be productive & creative, but ZOG demands they be servile & destructive. DOWZ! ORION!



30 JUN 08

Hail Jan! I just scanned (with my eyes) Hitler’s letter to Sven Hedin. Hitler was a great & clear thinker. His statement that some do us good, despite their worst intentions, is also my experience.

Obviously, Stalin wanted to do what Trotsky had failed to do: Conquer all of Europe, while he was denying this intention verbally, but preparing for it militarily. You may recall his declaration of “Socialism in one country,” & his renaming of the Comintern or Communist International to the “Cominform,” or Communist Information Apparat (?). Stalin referred to Hitler as his “icebreaker,” according to Soviet military intelligence officer “Suvorov,” in his book of that name, “The Icebreaker,” also available in German.

Germany attacked the USSR not a moment too soon, according to a German high altitude aerial recon observer, as confirmed by Suvorov.

Clearly, the jew banksters wanted World War II to increase their power & profits from killing “the best of the Goyim,” as commanded in their Talmud. Germany was supposed to fight, but not win. British Foreign Office documents which I have copies of reveal their plan to deed Poland to the USSR, so why not give them the rest of Europe? Churchill & FDR certainly knew of Stalin’s intentions.

Hitler was supposed to swat his European opponents, as he did, but then, he was supposed to attempt the invasion of Britain in 1941. This would allow Stalin to invade a defenseless Europe, with the Germans facing the Channel. Hitler played along with this bankster scheme, but was secretly transferring his armed forces into Poland, rather than the Channel coast, where his phony radio traffic said they were. The Soviet radio monitors reported such troop movements to Stalin, who was satisfied that Hitler would be taken by surprise. As we know, the opposite occurred, & Stalin was surprised, barely in time to save Western Europe. As I say, Hitler saved Europe from Stalin, but he could not save Europeans from themselves.

The Poles played the willing role of catspaw for the banksters & their catspaws, the British. They seemed to believe their own bravado in regard to taking land from the USSR &/or Germany. Well, Poland did have an army, navy & air force, & having seen newsreels of Polish forces on maneuvers, such as armed reconnaissance, the Poles were no slouches. I saw a small Polish cavalry unit, very mobile, on roadless terrain, take up an ambush/surveillance position on a hillside, with good cover. To my surprise, the unit carried a small artillery piece, which they quickly assembled, as well as some machineguns. They also had a radio to transmit intelligence. Of course, if the Germans spotted them from the air, they’d be toast. By World War I standards, the Poles were prepared, but not for World War II-style aerial warfare, with aircraft in ground-support roles.

Whenever stupid things are done, as in Poland’s march against Germany, I wonder: Is the command stupid, OR, have they been bought out? The Polish war clique included Beck, the Foreign Minister, & Rydz-Smigly, Marshal & Chief of the Army. As I recall, these warmongers made vainglorious declarations & skedaddled to Romania when the going got rough for their people.

The accompanying British Foreign Office documents indicate Britain’s willingness to give Stalin a free hand in Poland. The Reds definitely did not want the Brits to build up The Polish Secret Army under General Sikorski, whom they later succeeded in assassinating after 2 failed attempts, both by sabotaging Sikorski’s aircraft. The third time, at Gibraltar, was the proverbial charm. Neither Brits nor Reds wanted such Polish nationalist leaders around.

There is adequate evidence to show that Britain was willing to give Poland to Stalin, as well as such countries as Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania et al., during the war. After the 1945 German surrender, the USSR advanced into Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia & “East” Germany, with Allied consent. I suspect that the Zionist regimes of Churchill & FDR knew about Stalin’s plan to take all of Europe, & kept mum about it, much as did the Brits in regard to their intentions to hand over Poland to the USSR, during & after the war.

What this dirty business reveals is that our Zionist Occupation Governments are not only willing to sell out other people’s interests as a matter of course, but their own Goyim as well. How little the American Goyim knew about the events which brought them into The Second War to make the World Safe for Communism. I’d like to think that our Goyim didn’t know, but I suspect that they didn’t care: That they would fight for whoever fed them. At least, some told me that, including an uncle of mine who’d join any outfit which provided “3 hots & a flop.” One old mercenary grew up as a soldier, so he had no other skills. He commented to me: “So you actually care for whom you fight! Amazing.” Yes, I care. DOWZ! ORION! 88!



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