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Chad Wentworth
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Chad Wentworth
Default Ex-Nazi Romanian billionaire Iosif Constantin Dragan dead at 91

One of the richest Romanians ever, businessman Iosif Constantin Dragan passed away last Thursday in Palma de Mallorca, aged 91. His fortune is estimated to over $ 1, 6 million, given his real estate and energy business. For several years Iosif Constantin Dragan came no. 1 in the Top 300 Capital of the richest Romanians. His death may cause a real war between the potential heirs.

Family secrets

He made his huge fortune abroad, at first in Italy. The main piece in the group of companies he owned is the Butan Gas multinational, doing business in 10 European states and in Africa.

There are few certainties about his life. He used to keep a low profile and fuel the mysterious halo of his personality. An adept of the Iron Guard in his youth, after the Communist regime settled in Iosif Constantin Dragan was banned to return to his native country for more than 30 years. Nevertheless, he became a half-official collaborator of the Nicolae Ceausescu regime, getting access to some authentic document about Marshall Ion Antonescu, which he also used for writing a book.

As far as his business is concerned, things are rather clear. But his private life was under controversy and his death may open war between the potential heirs.
In his last years, the billionaire's life was connected to that of Daniela Veronica, a daughter of the Romanian General Constantin Guse, formerly a head of the Romanian military. The young lady became his wife in 1995, despite the more than 50 years separating them. Some said this extravagant decision was due to his wish to have children of his own, whereas others claimed the marriage was an attempt of some acquaintances of his to grab his huge fortune. The couple has three children: Stefan Constantin (aged 9) and twins Alexandru Eugen and Tudor Sebastian (aged 7).

Heir in the shadow

But the billionaire has got another son, Mike Fink, from his previous marriage, a son he denied, it seems. Fink tried to get in touch with his father several times, the last time in 2005, but it was in vain. At that time he told ZIUA that his suspected his father was the hostage of his own family and of the groups of interested friends around. (...) (M.B.)



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