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Old September 9th, 2004 #1
Sean Martin
Join Date: Jun 2004
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Sean Martin
Default Racist cartoons some funny some serious

Klan funnies


insert your cool caption here>

About racist Jews but interesting

Zingers from they can also be found here

Spics, Beaners, Greasers, Wetbacks

Moon Crickets, Niggers, Spades, Jigaboos

Kikes, Sheenies, Hebs, Roaches

No need to stop here, I am sure someone has some old razor cartoons.

If you know of any cool racist cartoons feel free to add them.
Doppelhaken, Draco, Richard H, ToddinFl, Augustus Sutter, Chain, Subrosa, Jarl, White Will, whose next?


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