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The Vagina Monologues of Hillary Clinton

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Title The Vagina Monologues of Hillary Clinton
Category General
Date October 24th, 2016, 11:12 AM
The claims to the presidency of the United States as being made by Hillary Clinton rest entirely on this anatomical feature which she claims to possess and has planned for its strategic deployment.

So foreign policy could be used to demonstrate the creative destructive power of vagina. ISIS, not as the sublime, but vagina employed for global warmongering. And Victoria Nuland, as the Hillary backed neocon, ‘poking’, even ‘pokeying’ the great Russian bear.

This monologue coming immediately after ‘the first gay president’ imbues the discourses with a kind of unnatural urgency to get a vagina in office. To correct a perceived historical wrong ….. Obama as a person out of turn.

Yuh know there is a certain pecking order which Obama did not pay due regards to. That order says White males should be first, then the White woman, then the Black woman and after that any number is to be played. But then again, we could be wrong on both counts. Whether Obama possesses a ‘back’ vagina or whether he is non-White. These issues will require some investigation, by others.

So we have White women like Gloria Steinem and others, who present themselves as leaders of women rights, making the vagina case of Hilary. Steinem el al are women who for centuries benefited from White privilege and the exploitation of Black women. And like Clinton, they continue so to do, today!

They shamelessly continue with a vagina monologue even when we have shown them that their so-called progressive ideals are self-centered. That Black women, even before White women existed, possessed traditions far more advance than White women currently have.

These are the White ‘progressives’ who promote homosexuality. Present bulling to the world as a normalcy. All this at a time when rural women, in particular, but all women generally are suffering more and more because of the most grotesque mal-distributions of resources since the first Hadzabe woman over 200 thousands years ago.

But Clinton sees herself as the first women to be president of the USA. For her, this is the time of firsts. It might even be helpful to that cause if she were shown as a lesbian.

Recently, Yoko Ono made disclosures relating to this matter. Ms. Ono stated clearly that she and Hillary Clinton were ‘lovers’ while she was married to John Lennon and Hillary to Bill. Of course, these revelations will not be covered by mainstream media.

The vagina monologues even include issues of bathroom usage. We sometimes wonder if those who call themselves Black progressives and support the bulling agenda, they can’t see that none of these gospels changes the underlying nature of the racist society White people have constructed.

So we are now to have a Hillary monologue which says that big-hard-back-men, dressed in mini-skirts, are to use the same bathrooms as little girls. This is the result of the most perverse misguidance ever known to woman.

And it never bothers the proponents of these unnatural practices that the sacred American civil rights traditions are being sullied on the altar of a highly questionable agenda.

The vagina monologues of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her cohorts aim at setting up a modern, recognizable, dynasty of homosexuality. And the corporate elites are on board for they will always support any distractions which could prevent us from charging the Bastille.

It is time for the useful idiots, who delude themselves that they are part of some grand civilizational project, to wake up or they will be sold out, again, like what happened at the heights of the AIDS crisis. For White society there is really only one value metric – money, not tail.
Hoster YouTube
YT Channel Rebel Media
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