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Christ Insanity Is Not OUR Religion

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Title Christ Insanity Is Not OUR Religion
Category General
Date December 16th, 2016, 03:44 PM
Christianity began in the desert just like islam and judaism, that is where it belongs, not in europe or white nations. Most christians in this modern world are of the non-white race.

Christianity has weakened the white races core pagan values and ancestral spirit. Christianity is awful because of it's femininity of caring for the weak, so disabilities can increase over time in a dysgenic fashion. Also the idea of original sin: you are born trashy. Morality to me is like a law, one is expected to do something wrong so a law or moral is created. Morality and laws only create more immorality and crime. People shouldn't have to rely on a book, they should rely on ones own conscience, the upright, the mysterious, and the infinite.

The Christians desecrated the sacred pagan sites throughout Europe and built churches over the ruins of pagan temples.

Worshiping a jesus character as the savior for ones sins, is putting all onto one: It is a form of dependence such as redemption for wrongs. jesus says to turn the other cheek and help your enemy: Suicidal advice.

Christianity in teaching forgiveness to the "sinner" allows the lower tendencies to continue over and over again due to the very nature of forgiveness. One is forgiven for whatever "wrong" one has done and if one does another one can always be forgiven again or given "holy" water.

The Bible sounds like Dr. Seuss. Nature and not churches hold true to the sacred. Christian Identity hold's to the British Israelism idea that western Europeans are a lost tribe of Israel, the true chosen people. The CI ideology is a good way to lead whites astray and help the Jews.

As/when the Roman Empire replaced the Roman Republic, the imperialist endeavors were a way to keep Rome going. The homogeneity and pagan spirit became eroded as foreign blood and beliefs began clogging the Romans veins. Wealth of captured territories helped sustain and keep Rome going. The Essenes were a Jewish sect long before Jesus who practiced a belief similar to Christianity in the desert.

It is said that people need to "walk a mile in another's shoes" or "treat others as you would like to be treated". This belief leads to confusion of one's own unique sight. One should not treat others as one would like to be treated, one should treat others as they like to be treated: a people are most comfortable among their own unique sight, unique traditions, and blood. In foreign territory, one should/must abide by the rules and culture/religion of the land. To look through the eyes of one's own killers seeing in empathy, one now lowers ones defenses out of kindness. Seeing others sight-paths in relation to your own can both help awareness of the wider world yet also hinder/warp one's own unique sight. Difference can continue only as long as universal principles are abolished in favor of local sight-paths.
Video by TribalSocialist
Hoster YouTube
YT Channel Bill Rhyes
Views 343
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